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OK I know, we are all getting to that “I wanna go south” when the thermometer plunges south of 40! I always felt that way, until photography cured my winter blues.

There is nothing more peaceful and beautiful than being the first to cast prints in a beautiful winter snow scene. Being able to photograph dogs and their sheer joy in new snow makes it all the more special! I love to see them run, plow their nose through snow banks, hurdle logs, make yellow snow cones, and spaz a little!

I had the opportunity to work with a number of dogs this winter and wanted to share a few of my faves. Making snow bunnies with dogs is the best!

Meet Noodle, a giant lovable, expressive golden doodle with a heart of gold! We had a lovely time making snow angels, destroying at least 5 tennis balls, and several play toys!  What FUN!



In any shoot there will always be images that make you laugh, some that make you tear up, and then some that we refer to as out-takes!
I really don’t know how to describe these two images!


That was a lot of hard work. Time to relax!


OKEDOKIE Time for another run!


No If’s and’s or but’s…Noodle knows how handsome he is! 

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