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Latte was simply divine!

I love to make snow bunnies with dogs! Latte really relished the snow. Cold was of NO CONCERN! What a gorgeous border collie! Her Mom owns Spot on K9 Sports, an amazing positive-reinforcement dog training business. Latte's Mom rocked it that day too, despite having a...

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In Honor of Seamus

As a pet photographer, there are shoots that really touch your heart. The chance to capture the spirit of a pet that has been a family member for many years. I had the opportunity to do such a shoot recently. The Mom had a "feeling" that the time was right for us to...

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A Mom’s Love!

  What a joy for me to work with a Mom and her beautiful dog Chesney. Honestly their bond was so full of love that I felt giggly inside the entire shoot! Chesney oozed happiness and joy and I was so honored to witness these two at play!  Never mind that it was...

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Piper and Oso Summer Time Prairie Time Fun!

Meet Piper and Osos, Ready for some Action and Fun at the Prairie     Piper, a beautiful mixed breed in a field of Shooting Stars!     Oso, a hambone golden doodle with spunk!     Time for some action!     Not to be outdone. Oso...

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“Let it Snow”- “Let it Snow!”

We have access to a wonderful piece of land that backs into a forest preserve with a fenced perimeter. Jax is a beautiful 7 month old golden doodle puppy that I had the privilege to photograph this past winter. What a gorgeous dog!     Jax was all about play,...

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Winter Rocks! Noodle Knows!

OK I know, we are all getting to that “I wanna go south” when the thermometer plunges south of 40! I always felt that way, until photography cured my winter blues. There is nothing more peaceful and beautiful than being the first to cast prints in a beautiful winter...

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