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As a pet photographer, there are shoots that really touch your heart. The chance to capture the spirit of a pet that has been a family member for many years. I had the opportunity to do such a shoot recently. The Mom had a “feeling” that the time was right for us to spend time with both of her dogs, and her beautiful daughter. One of her dogs, Seamus, was a “hug a muffin” of white fur and smiles. He was twelve, and had been given a longer than expected life, by two loving vet owners. We had a very relaxed and wonderful two hours together. This post honors Seamus’s memory. He passed away suddenly a couple months after this shoot. His owner, was so grateful to have something tangible –the images she referred to as “gold.” It warms my heart to have been part of this.

Seamus was adored by my client’s daughter and his brother Blare, a Black Labrador Service dog.

A little dirt, some fun, and seeing eye to eye!


Yes–4 leaf clovers!! ¬†Both Seamus and Blare helped along the way!

Thank you Seamus, “don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened.” Dr Seuss

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