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I love to make snow bunnies with dogs! Latte really relished the snow. Cold was of NO CONCERN! What a gorgeous border collie! Her Mom owns Spot on K9 Sports, an amazing positive-reinforcement dog training business. Latte’s Mom rocked it that day too, despite having a horrible cold! Way to go! Mom!

Time for the regal pose Latte!
Tri colored border collie puppy stands looking on in a filed of snow next to a red barn with snow covered branches in the distance.
Honestly, Latte knew how to POSE!
Latte chills out in snow beside a stream. Surprised she didn’t go for a swim!
Tri color Border Collie leaps through the air in a winter scene with snow covered spruce trees in the distance.
Time for a RUN! Good golly she had that down!
Border Collie Puppy with fierce look leaps through snow in a huge filed with towering ominous snow covered oak trees in the distance.
Did I mention RUN?
Border Collie puppy tears through snow and leaps towards a large purple throw ball. Beautiful red barn is off in the distance.
Latte’s favorite toy made a guest appearance
Close up of tri color Border Collie face in a soft snow scene. Puppy is getting face rub with ears squeezed back.
Time for some Latte loving!
Woohoo Snow Bunny time!

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